Meet Daniel Bulli, Director of Engineering at Posh

Introducing Posh's newest Director of Engineering! Daniel Bulli leads the charge in revolutionizing customer service for financial institutions through innovative AI solutions.

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Early Life and Interests

Daniel, raised in Jamaica alongside his two sisters—one older and one younger—was deeply influenced by his parents' perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit. Both his father, the eldest of nine, and his mother, the eldest daughter of six, overcame humble beginnings in Jamaica and Trinidad. Prioritizing education and starting their own businesses, they instilled in Daniel and his sisters the values of hard work, determination, and family.

From an early age, Daniel was captivated by mathematics and tinkering with electronics. His natural math aptitude and fascination with computers led him to explore coding with a Tandy computer connected to a TV. This curiosity blossomed into a passion for computer science, and he knew he had found his calling. Alongside his love for technology, Daniel discovered a passion for badminton during high school, a sport that taught him discipline and competitiveness. 

Educational Journey

Daniel majored in Computer Science and Mathematics in college, a decision driven by his strengths and interests. He excelled in math but recognized computer science's broader career opportunities. During his college years at Barry University, Daniel balanced academics with work, tutoring, and working in the computer science lab to support himself. This experience honed his technical skills and revealed his talent for teaching and sharing knowledge. College provided Daniel with the independence to grow, both personally and professionally, and to step out of his comfort zone as a "talkative introvert."

Career Path and Professional Growth

From regular jobs to starting his businesses, Daniel's career has taught him to love what he does. "It's got to be fun and exciting, not just about the money," he says. He believes in taking charge, hiring good people, and avoiding those who cause problems. He leads by doing, builds trust, and ensures everyone is responsible. His motto is to work quickly, learn from mistakes, and always improve.

Working at smaller companies has been particularly rewarding for Daniel. He appreciates the close-knit environment where everyone's contributions are visible and the palpable collective desire to achieve a shared goal. Smaller teams allow him to understand different aspects of the company, fostering a deeper connection and sense of purpose.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, Daniel's interests are diverse and dynamic. He values work-life balance and has a passion for golf, which he describes as a form of meditation despite its frustrations. "For those 4-5 hours, it's almost like meditation," he explains. He enjoys traveling with his wife and son, exploring new hobbies like chess, photography, and writing on his blog, Daniel believes having a hobby outside of work and family is essential for mental well-being and personal growth.

Joining Posh 

Daniel's journey to Posh was driven by a desire to return to a learning and innovative environment after experiencing the challenges of a company bankruptcy. Posh checked all the boxes for him: a startup focusing on AI, a local office, a mission-critical role, and the opportunity to influence all aspects of the company. The smart and ambitious people he met during the interview process solidified his decision.

Initial Impressions and Expectations

At Posh, Daniel is surrounded by intelligent and ambitious individuals, which he finds invigorating. He believes that it's time to move on if you are the smartest person in the room. The challenges of scaling the business present opportunities for him to apply his experience and help shape the company's success. Daniel's goal is to ensure that Posh learns from his past mistakes and successes, creating a stronger and more resilient organization.

- "I've faced failures that have shaped my perspective and stripped away any ego or personal agenda. My focus is on challenging both myself and others to strive for excellence."

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Daniel emphasizes setting boundaries and prioritizing family and health over professional responsibilities. He acknowledges that there will be times when work demands more hours, but it's crucial to give your full attention to your family when you're with them. "Whatever mode you are in, do it 100%," he advises. This commitment to balance and focus helps him navigate the demands of both his personal and professional life.

Excitement for the Future

Daniel is excited about Posh's potential to lead the AI space in financial institutions. With the rise of LLMs, Posh is well-positioned to make a significant impact. As the leader of the product engineering group, Daniel intends to make Posh the no-brainer choice for financial institutions while building a team of elite product engineers. He is committed to fostering a culture where everyone has a voice and cares deeply about the company's success.

Connect with Daniel

To learn more about Daniel's work or get in touch, you can visit his blog at or connect with him on LinkedIn. Daniel is always open to sharing his experiences and insights, and he looks forward to contributing to the success of Posh and its community.

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