Digital Assistant

Empowering conversations with the Digital Assistant

How long does it take customers to complete key banking tasks or find information on your digital channels? Posh’s artificial intelligence solutions are the answer. Digital Assistant, your conversational AI chatbot, guides the customer experience by handling common questions and redirecting to a human agent when needed.

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Customer asks, your chatbot answers

Digital banking is the future for every financial institution. If you want to handle everyday customer requests, streamline banking operations and answer every query — all while boosting engagement and satisfaction — you need virtual assistants.

Here’s how our AI Digital Assistant works:

Customers chat. They find your Digital Assistant and type their query. Thanks to conversational banking chatbots, users can ask hundreds of questions, such as:
a. “How do I open an account?”
b. “Are you open on Labor Day?”
c. “Where is your closest branch?”

Digital Assistant answers. This AI-powered chatbot can help with banking information, respond to direct customer queries or get help from a human agent.

Conversations are extended. If more support is needed, Digital Assistant can reroute the chat with full context and a transcript.

Customer data is saved. Gather valuable insights from every customer interaction — it’s all saved in Posh Portal. You can use this information to design responses, flows, escalation and more.

Bring banking service to life with intelligent Digital Assistant features

Banking customers want more than a virtual financial assistant. They want to make real connections and address their most important needs through AI technology — which is why no bank, credit union or other financial institution can afford to miss an opportunity to intelligently and efficiently digitize customer support.

Always available and user-friendly

Our Digital Assistant can live anywhere on your website and within online and mobile banking apps, enabling your institution to provide 24/7 service while ensuring easy navigation and smooth topic-switching.

Handling routine inquiries

We've got those FAQs covered, freeing your staff from repetitive questions. Our expertise spans hundreds of conversation topics for engaging discussions.

Personalizing the customer experience

Customize responses, design flows and even add images to tailor each customer interaction to your preferences. Smart routing directs every customer query to the right place for quick interactions.

Delivering insights for success

Gain valuable insights into user intents, escalations and actions. Robust data records, including chat transcripts, help you identify new opportunities for customer engagement.

Swift deployment and customization

Customize your bot by entering your website URL, docs, and tone preferences. Scripted Response Generation analyzes them, generating pre-built responses. Plus, create more natural interactions with Tailored Responses, using Generative AI.

What Digital Assistant has done for our banking customers

At Posh, we’re all about customer satisfaction — and we know you are, too. Here’s what AI assistants have done for our customers in the financial services industry:

Customer Conversation Volume and Efficiency
  • Contain over 65% of your customer conversations.
  • Handle millions of chats without a customer service agent.
Time and Cost Savings
  • Save thousands of hours and dollars.
Chat Handling and Efficiency
  • Handle 100% of after-hours chats.
  • Reduce headcount.

Digital Assistant use cases

From handling everyday banking operations to gathering customer feedback, AI-powered chatbots are advancing the future of the financial services sector.

Ignite efficiency with automation

Embrace the next technological revolution! Prepare yourself for a world where customer interactions practically run themselves and crucial insights seamlessly flow to staff during escalated chats. With banking AI chatbots, you can watch as wait times shrink and customers are getting answers immediately.

Elevate experiences for all

Deliver instant gratification to customers around the clock. Whether they’re looking for information on branch hours or a credit card, our Digital Assistant can handle it all. With these routine questions out of the way, your live agents are all set to tackle those complex, human-centered puzzles with newfound insights in hand. Digital Assistant can operate independently, or with live chat functionality.

Supercharge revenue growth

Unlock limitless customer support capabilities as you automate routine tasks and customer queries. A digital assistant can be the game-changer your financial institution has been looking for. We facilitate the creation of fresh business prospects by seamlessly linking customers to extensive information through direct website links.

Our swift 12-week implementation process

Posh partners with website, online banking and mobile online banking to ensure the integration is seamless. We partner with you and work with your existing solutions and partnerships. When helpful, we partner with System Integrators. We follow a 12-week swift but flexible implementation process that prioritizes how you work.



We learn how your institution works and what website, online and mobile banking platforms or APIs may already be in place.

Implementation and integrations strategy

We work with your team to implement your chosen Posh solutions to fit your needs.

Quality assurance (QA)

We’ll double-check performance, responses, flow designs and overall quality.

Security review

From network testing to SOC 2 compliance, Posh works closely with each client to address potential barriers.

Go live!

When it’s time to go live, we’re right there. With over 100 deployments already under our belt, our experts integrate with your systems while remaining in constant communication with your IT team or vendor.

Partnership for Life

As a Posh client, you'll benefit from unparalleled customer support through our ongoing Partnership for Life program. We will consistently offer feedback and make continuous improvements to optimize your product, ensuring it consistently delivers the best service and ROI.

What our banking customers say

Posh was a no brainer! They have been an awesome partner to work with. Luna is now available to assist members 24/7, giving our members exceptional, fast, and convenient service around the clock.

The system is incredibly easy to use. Without having to hire additional people, we serve our members faster and at all hours. Our self-service solutions have been more successful as our members now have a guide to take them step-by-step through what they want to do.

[Conversational AI] is very helpful. We kind of tongue in cheek say that Ava is our newest employee for the contact center. And I absolutely, 100% would recommend anybody who is thinking about adding AI to definitely do it.

Interactive Demo

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