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Elevate banking efficiency with 24/7 support from an AI Voice Assistant

Enhance contact center operations for your customers and employees using Posh’s Voice Assistant powered by artificial intelligence. With 24/7 availability, you’ll be able to elevate customer service by eliminating wait times, reducing abandonment rate, and the need for overflow and after-hours providers. Empower your agents to concentrate on high-value priorities and foster stronger customer relationships while Voice Assistant handles the rest.

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This AI assistant skillfully fields each customer query with automatic speech recognition

Customers call. When a customer calls into your bank, our voice AI assistant will step in to answer immediately. The conversational AI platform can handle hundreds of questions for any customer interaction, leveraging automatic speech recognition and natural language processing to deliver instantaneous, personalized customer service.

Authentication. For a conversation involving sensitive information, Posh Voice Assistant can authenticate users, with the option of using voice authentication for a more seamless experience. In the event that a human agent is required, it will route the call directly to the appropriate person with full context and a transcript of the call.

Customer data is saved. Gather valuable insights from every customer interaction — it’s all saved in the Posh Portal. You can use this information to design responses, flows, escalation, routing and more.

Our Voice Assistant leverages conversational AI technology to automate customer service and call center operations

Effortless Call Handling

Customers can enjoy 24/7 availability and smart call routing for a smooth experience. Eliminate boring IVR menus – our friendly voice interface handles routine inquiries across hundreds of topics. From appointments to seamless context shifts, we make calls great.

Banking Made Easy

Simplify your customer’s banking experience with automation and a self serve experience. Securely access balances, transactions and more with our Voice Assistant. Our solutions integrate with your core banking system, ensuring efficiency and security in every interaction.

Seamless Integration

Reach recipients through intelligent routing. SMS integration broadens your communication reach and enables new engagement strategies.

Your Unique Touch

Customize responses and call flows, and choose an assistant voice that suits your brand. Craft personalized call paths, adaptable by date and time, for a truly unique communication setup.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Get a complete caller view with analytics, trends, and call transcripts. Dive deep into specific calls for detailed insights and seamless management.

Discover the benefits of virtual agents for banking

Posh takes care of routine calls, freeing up agents to dedicate their attention to customers who need guidance from a financial institution. Our approach ensures ample time for complex situations, cultivating happy banking moments and fostering customer satisfaction.

With our advanced AI Voice Assistant, your institution can:

Customer Conversation Volume and Efficiency
  • Handle millions of calls (over 65% of conversations) without a live agent.
Time and Cost Savings
  • Reduce the cost of overflow calls by 63%.
  • Save thousands of hours spent on routine questions.
Call Handling and Efficiency
  • Reduce speed to answer by 92%.
  • Reduce average handle time.
  • Reduce abandon rates by 93%.

Find out how conversational AI can improve your IVR, customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Supercharge Efficiency Through Automation

Say goodbye to long waits and expensive overflow centers. With your Voice Assistant, you'll breeze through customer calls, sharing important info with call center teams during escalations. Result? Faster service and cost savings.

Elevate Experiences for All

Get instant answers, 24/7! From branch hours to account balances, we're here with quick responses. Human call center staff can focus on more complex issues, armed with caller insights, for a better experience.

Rev Up Revenue with Smart Routing

Direct calls to the right experts, anytime, or schedule when needed. Plus, users get the scoop on awesome financial products. It's a win-win!

Posh partners with telephony, call center, and core banking systems to ensure seamless integrations

When you partner with us, we work with you and your existing solutions and partnerships. We follow a flexible process that prioritizes the way you work — and, when helpful, we also partner with System Integrators.

Here’s what a typical 12-week swift implementation looks like:



We learn how your institution works and what tooling or APIs may already be in place.

Implementation and Integrations Strategy

We work with your team to implement your chosen Posh solutions in a way that makes sense to you and your team.

Security Review

From network testing to SOC 2 compliance, Posh works closely with each client to address potential barriers.

Go Live!

With over 100 deployments already under our belt, our experts integrate with your systems while constantly communicating with your IT team or vendor.

Partnership for Life

As a Posh client, you'll benefit from unparalleled customer support through our ongoing Partnership for Life program. We will consistently offer feedback and make continuous improvements to optimize your product, ensuring it consistently delivers the best service and ROI.

Hear what our customers are saying about the AI Voice Assistant

“Since launching Posh, we’ve enjoyed up to 75% automation. This has enabled us to serve our members 24/7 and also free up time for our staff to engage in more meaningful conversations. The team at Posh is well aligned with our values and is awesome to work with!”

“We chose Posh for their proven track record of streamlining the customer experience and the ability to customize our voice, so our members have seamless and consistent service no matter the channel. Not to mention, we continue to be impressed by the level of partnership we’ve received from Posh. Throughout the entire process, Posh has felt like an extension of our Citadel team.”

“We wanted a partner that would work with us to build our business. We didn’t want a vendor that just handed us something and says ‘this is the way, take it or leave it."

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