Voice 360 & Banking Teller

Voice Banking Assistants for 24/7 call automation

Your customers need a simple way to bank—but they can’t always call when you’re open. Your Voice Banking Assistant gets the job done with conversational AI.

Do it all: answer frequently asked questions, authenticate callers, and perform transactions on request. This is voice automation for limitless customer service. Your customers will thank you.

Free up agents to focus on building relationships

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

This conversational AI system provides full-service coverage for banking call centers

It greets callers, answers frequently asked questions, and verifies identity according to security protocols. The Voice Banking Assistant completes common transactions on request, including enrollment in your phone-based banking program. This is voice AI automation for limitless customer service by phone.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability

Get better banking by phone, 24/7

Any intelligent voice assistant can answer calls. The Voice 360 & Banking Teller goes a step further, actually completing transactions without live agents. Give customers the freedom to bank anywhere, at any time, without after-hours agencies—or alongside them.

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AI for Banking

These Banking Assistants use language AI built on banking data. In short, they get banking customers, and they’re ready to help.


Secure Integrations

Your Voice 360 & Banking Teller builds secure integrations with your core banking system and contact center system, bridging the two to create a customer-pleasing automation.


Agent Support

Intelligent Routing technology makes sure calls reach the right place—and prepares agents to help with all the background they need. Callers verify identity once per call, through the Voice 360 & Banking Teller, shaving time off every live conversation. 

Better AI means better customer experiences

The Voice 360 & Banking Teller removes frustration—starting with a replacement for tricky touch-tone menus. This AI understands the language people use to bank. Near-zero latency ensures a quick reply. And warm, natural conversation keeps customers happy.

Frontline service frees agents to focus on complexity

Your agents' time is valuable—and limited. The Voice 360 & Banking Teller creates a digital teller line, handling routine interactions from greeting to authentication to banking transactions themselves. Fewer calls escalate to agents, and agents have more time to provide personalized service.

Control Voice Banking Assistants with powerful customizations

You know your customers better than anyone—and you understand the language they use in everyday conversations. The Posh Platform lets you edit your Voice 360 & Banking Teller’s replies or create your own. Update greetings with time-sensitive information (“We’re closed due to the recent snow storm,” for instance). Promote new services or personalize performance to match the language of your community.

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