Why Posh

Purpose-built AI for Financial Institutions

Every Posh solution is developed to better the banking experience for employees and customers. We don't believe in making products; we believe in creating purpose-built solutions. As an AI-native company, we use intelligent technology and years of combined industry experience as a vehicle for success.

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Posh Banking Assistants

Artificial intelligence has endless potential, and we harness that potential on behalf of the banking industry. Here’s how Posh AI solutions are built for success:

Knowledge Assistant

Streamline workflows, facilitate quick onboarding of new staff, and reduce search time by 93% — all with our easy-to-use Knowledge Assistant.

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Voice Assistant

This 24/7 AI banking concierge can schedule appointments, address FAQs, authenticate caller identification, transfer funds, and more. Let your agents concentrate on complex matters — this tool will handle the rest.

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Digital Assistant

Offer anytime, anywhere support across all your platforms with our AI Digital Assistant. With hundreds of conversation topics from day one, you can chat smarter, not harder.

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Real-world conversational training

We train natural language processing (NLP) models on real-world banking conversations, so our assistants understand your customers the first time around.

Unparalleled customer service and collaboration from a true partner

Posh collaborates continuously with clients to innovate, develop, and improve. With 100+ successful deployments, we offer personalized service, a lifelong partnership, and genuine collaboration.

Why We're Different

In a world where everyone wants to deliver AI solutions, we stand out with uniquely finance-focused offerings, dedicated to democratizing the VIP banking experience, and the experts to make it happen.

Minimize the onboarding learning curve with user-friendly implementation

Our easy-to-use platform provides out-of-the-box use cases and real-time insights, allowing simple customization of content, flows, and personas. Better yet, there’s no extensive learning curve with our no-code solutions.

Purpose-built, market-leading platform built to enhance your operational process

Our Portal integrates with core banking, features patented context switching, and offers leading technology for exceptional performance. Posh empowers you with self-help through the Content Studio and Insights, giving full AI assistant ownership and invaluable customer data.

Forward-thinking team that never stops innovating

With 100+ experts in North America — including industry veterans, researchers, and technologists — our team drives AI advancement.

Rest easy knowing Posh has top security certifications

We hold CSA Star Levels 1 and 2 certifications and the SOC 2 type 2 certification, demonstrating our strong commitment to data security, privacy and safety. Learn more about our commitment to privacy, security and compliance in our Trust Center.

Client Stories

Hear what our clients have to say:

"Within a year since implementing Posh's AI, One Nevada has enjoyed 55% automation levels during business hours and 75% automation after hours. This has enabled us to serve our members 24/7 and also free up time for our staff to engage in more meaningful conversations for members that are escalated beyond the chatbot"

Steve O'Donnell, EVP and CFOOne Nevada Credit Union
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Posh Trust Center

Privacy , security, and compliance — we've got you covered

In a world where everyone wants to deliver AI solutions, we stand out with uniquely finance-focused offerings, dedicated to democratizing the VIP banking experience, and the experts to make it happen.


Through a comprehensive approach grounded in Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) principles, we uphold the highest security standards.

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Dedicated data privacy assessments and transparent security controls give you peace of mind throughout deployment and beyond.

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We maintain Cloud STAR Level 1 accreditation and SOC 2 compliance — and through strategic partnerships, we provide compliance assurance every step of the way.

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