Why Posh

Natural language, better banking, happy

Every Posh assistant was developed from the ground up with one goal in mind: Better digital banking experiences for the people you serve.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

Posh Banking Assistants

Artificial intelligence can be broad or deep. We go deep into banking. Here’s why Posh digital assistants are so fantastic at serving real people:

Trained on real-world banking conversations

We train natural language processing (NLP) models on real-world banking conversations, so our assistants understand your customers the first time around.

A Dedicated in-house team

We build all our NLP models in-house, on proprietary systems with tremendous datasets. This isn’t a new coat of paint on an old third-party chatbot, which is a lot of what you’ll find elsewhere.

Built to enhance your process

Posh helps you help yourself. We created our CMS and analytics platforms to give you full ownership of your AI assistants—and priceless voice-of-customer data.

Internal & external audits

We never stop optimizing

Thanks to a tech-forward approach—with constant research and development—our voice and chat assistants will gain new capabilities over time. With Posh, you’ll stay on the forefront of digital banking.

A driven, dedicated team

We’re a passionate collective of world-class data scientists, mathematicians, linguists, and banking experts—and our results speak for themselves.

It takes a village…

We’re not building these tools in a vacuum. We listen closely to our users, so a benefit for one becomes a benefit for all.

Internal & external audits
Client Stories

Insight from one of our customers:

"Within a year since implementing Posh's AI, One Nevada has enjoyed 55% automation levels during business hours and 75% automation after hours. This has enabled us to serve our members 24/7 and also free up time for our staff to engage in more meaningful conversations for members that are escalated beyond the chatbot."

Steve O'Donnell, EVP and CFOOne Nevada Credit Union
See What Posh Does

We get to work on conversational AI. What’s cooler than that?

Research is the fun part. Our team of natural language processing (NLP) scientists is world-class, and we’re always pushing the field forward—all for the benefit of banking customers.

Research & Technology
Posh Trust Center

Privacy, security, and compliance — we’ve got you covered

Your organization takes security seriously. Good news: We do, too. Visit our Trust Center for a detailed overview of our practices, values, and certifications. Visit the Posh Trust Center to learn more.


Through a comprehensive approach grounded in Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) principles, we’ve built our culture around security.

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Dedicated data privacy assessments and transparent security controls give you peace of mind during (and after) deployment stage of the process.

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We maintain Cloud STAR Level 1 accreditation and SOC 2 compliance—and through strategic partnerships, we provide compliance assurance at every step of the way.

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