Knowledge Assistant

Unlock Operations with Generative AI-powered Knowledge Management

Empower your teams with rapid and effective information access. Cut through information overload and deliver precise answers in seconds. Reduce onboarding time, boost efficiency and improve ROI leading to a better employee and customer experience.

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Simplify the complex

Posh's Generative AI Knowledge Assistant streamlines employees' daily work by connecting to your knowledge base. Instead of manually searching or messaging peers, the AI offers instant answers through a user-friendly conversational interface.

Finding the answer is costly and time consuming

Situations where employees don’t know the answer:
They search a Knowledge Base. Keyword search & ctrl-f within verbose articles.
They message their peers.
They directly ask a supervisor, manager, or 
“tenure employee”.
They make the best guess.
Problems that could arise:
Searches are slow, arduous, and may 
not succeed.
Answers come from inconsistent sources, distracts from fellow staff.
Managers and supervisors become bottlenecks.
Accuracy suffers, reputation damage 
for mistakes.

Here's how it works:

An answer is unknown to a customer chat or call. When a question is asked that an employee does not immediately know, Knowledge Assistant search functionality is so efficient that the employee can respond within seconds.

Employee searches within Knowledge Assistant. Employees can seamlessly access the Knowledge Assistant, which contains the entirety of the Financial Institutions knowledge. The Assistant bases its responses on the available information.

Knowledge Assistant serves up the answer. The Assistant delivers one exact answer, procedure, or step-by-step process complete with citations indicating its source.

Continue with follow up questions. The Assistant recommends additional follow up questions which helps to onboard new agents and alleviates bottlenecks between departments.

Actionable Insights. We offer actionable insights, supplying analytics on trending searches, the effectiveness of queries, and identifying specific areas where the answers don't exist in your knowledge base.

Cut search time by 93%

Streamline knowledge access with generative AI. Effortless knowledge ingestion, simplified implementation, and consistent responses for enhanced customer experiences.

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Easy to use

Our advanced search tech uses semantic search with LLMs & Generative AI, delivering precise answers in seconds. Implementation and setup ensures you are up and running within days.

Plug and play your knowledge

Knowledge Assistant needs no custom training, supports multiple document formats, and integrates seamlessly with established knowledge bases. Our answers are rooted in your provided knowledge, with safeguards in place. We cite and reference source material, down to the specific paragraph. Explore our blog post for insights on securing critical documentation in our product.

Actionable insights

Boost organizational knowledge with analytics on searches, helpful/unhelpful queries, and pinpointing areas where the bot cannot find answers. Utilize transparent data handling and receive tips on structuring knowledge for optimal AI results.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Efficient first-call resolution free from obstacles such as document navigation, the need to consult managers or peers, and other potential bottlenecks, with agents prioritizing customer needs.

Improve agent satisfaction

Increase staff confidence and time-to-effectiveness, reducing handle time and improving agent performance.

Boost employee productivity

Instant access to answers through natural language inputs, empowering call center staff and enabling focus on business development.

Increase operational excellence

Enhance efficiency across departments, increasing efficiency per user and boosting ROI by streamlined processes.

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