Knowledge Assistant

Revolutionize frontline operations with AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Provide employees with quick and efficient access to information. Knowledge Assistant reduces handle time and facilitates quick onboarding of new staff, leading to a better customer experience.

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Simplify the complex

Staff members often need answers during their day-to-day work. The status quo involves manually searching a knowledge base, messaging peers, or asking their supervisor.  This means higher average handle times, customers waiting on hold, and agents working under pressure. By connecting to your knowledge base, Posh’s Generative AI Knowledge Assistant can provide immediate answers to questions via our conversational interface.

Here's how our Knowledge Assistant works:

An answer is unknown to a customer chat or call. When a customer asks a question that an agent does not immediately know, Knowledge Assistant search functionality is so efficient that the agent can avoid putting the customer on hold.

Agents searches Knowledge Assistant. Agents can seamlessly access the Knowledge Assistant, which contains the entirety of the company’s knowledge. The Assistant bases its responses on the available information and will notify you if it cannot locate the answer.

Knowledge Assistant serves up the answer. The Assistant delivers the precise answer, complete with citations indicating its source. This enables the agent to respond to the customer within seconds, rather than minutes.

Actionable Insights. We offer Actionable Insights, supplying analytics on trending searches, the effectiveness of queries, and identifying specific areas where the bot struggles to find answers.

Cut search time by 93%

Streamline knowledge access with generative AI. Effortless knowledge ingestion, simplified implementation, and consistent responses for enhanced customer experiences.

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Easy to use

Our advanced search technology utilizes semantic search with the help of LLMs & Generative AI, providing precise answers within seconds while eliminating time spent sifting through endless keyword search results. Implementation and setup is extremely fast, ensuring you are up and running within days.

Plug and play your knowledge

Knowledge Assistant requires no custom training, accepts various document formats (.PDF, .DOCX, .XLSX, cloud-hosted Sharepoint and more) and works well with established knowledge bases. Knowledge Assistant grounds all of its answers in your provided knowledge, and we have guardrails in place to ensure this. We cite and reference source material, down to the exact paragraph from which we derived the answer. For info on how we secure critical documentation in our product, read our blog post.

Actionable insights

Improve your organization's knowledge gaps with analytics about trending searches, helpful and unhelpful queries, and pinpoint areas where the bot is unable to find answers. Leverage comprehensive usage data and ensure transparency in data handling. We also provide tips on improving knowledge and structuring it in an AI-friendly manner for optimal results.

Improve agent satisfaction

Increase staff confidence and time-to-effectiveness, reducing handle time and improving agent performance.

Boost employee productivity

Instant access to answers through natural language inputs, empowering call center staff and enabling focus on business development.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Efficient first-call resolution free from obstacles such as document navigation, the need to consult managers or peers, and other potential bottlenecks, with agents prioritizing customer needs.

Insights from our clients

The time savings has been tremendous, it shaves minutes off calls. The larger the call volume, the more time we save. The accuracy has been incredible too, and it aids in enhancing our members’ trust.

The Knowledge Assistant is very helpful, I really see the value it provides our employees and members. The platform is easy to follow, and the features are fantastic.

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