Mission & Values

Bringing better digital banking experiences to every financial institution

At Posh, we believe in democratizing access to banking and empowering financial institutions with the benefits of conversational AI. Our suite of AI services are designed to provide solutions for issues that keep banks and credit unions from delivering the full benefits of banking to communities. We know that better conversations lead to better banking, thus making it our mission at Posh to facilitate change and make implementing conversational AI a feasible reality.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

Posh's Stance on Ethical AI

Our vision at Posh has always been to create AI with purpose. Our ethos centers around the empowerment of financial institutions with the power of conversational AI by allowing humans to be more human. Meaning, we seek to utilize this form of technology for the betterment of our clients and their end customers not for the sake of general technology advancement.

We develop our AI with the specific intent to operate within one of the most highly regulated industries: banking and finance. As a result, we adhere to a strict level of safety and security and develop products that are intentionally designed to mitigate and manage risk, not contribute to it. Posh is still growing as is the state and capability of AI. We will continue to assess risks and opportunities as they come up and as they pertain to the value and integrity of Posh and our clients.

Read about how we’re protecting our client’s privacy and about our security practices at https://www.posh.ai/security.