Who We Are

AI researchers, banking leaders, tech veterans.

We’re not just experts; we’re also optimists. We understand the promise of AI—and the critical role banks and credit unions serve in our communities. That’s why we bridge the two, delivering better banking experiences for all.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

Look how far we’ve come and see where we’re headed.

We may have started in the dorm room, but the banking community had our back. Now there are dozens of us, and it’s full-steam ahead on conversational AI for banking.

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Confidentiality, integrity, and availability
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What drives us?

We love community banks and credit unions, but we’re really in it for your customers. Sure, we’ll make sure you have an easy time with conversational AI—but better banking for your people is our guiding light.

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What do we value?

Transparency, trust, data-driven decisions, quality, each other, and financial institutions embedded in honest-to-goodness communities top the list. You’re there. Your customers, too, starred and highlighted.

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Our journey is important, and so
are the people in it

The Posh team has one thing in common: Our mission to bring conversational AI to every financial community. Other than that, we’re all pretty unique. Get to know us (and maybe join up yourself).

Meet the Team
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A special thank you to a few of our investors

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