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With Posh, better banking is just a tap, click, or word away. See how our no-code AI products empower your teams and impress your customers one conversation at a time. Join us on our mission to democratize the VIP banking experience.

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Posh generative and conversational AI solutions make the banking world more accessible and efficient for your customers and staff. That’s why we have 100+ deployments with leading financial institutions.

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Delivering 24/7 customer service with bank-savvy AI

We provide intelligent, natural customer service that’s ready whenever your customers are by automating the automatable. It’s more than digital transformation — it’s a banking revolution.

AI for customer experience

Customer experience defines your reputation, success, and longevity in today’s banking environment. Don’t ask users to settle for less; empower them to self-serve any time of the day through AI designed for your financial institution.

Customer-assisted AI, available through voice and digital channels, offers quick and user-friendly solutions. Customers can obtain information 24/7,  be routed to a human easily for more complex needs, while also receiving a greater experience from an expert who has all the information they need at their fingertips. Our AI solutions ensure reduced call transfer, reduce and remove wait times, improve first call resolution and opens doors to new prospects.

Reduce wait times

Achieve first call resolution

Improve customer satisfaction score by 45%

AI for employee efficiency

AI doesn’t replace your teams — it gives them the support and information they need to better leverage their talents. You have the right people; now, give them the right tools.

Employee-assisted AI delivers instant answers during live interactions. This doesn’t just accelerate employee onboarding and training — it also frees up valuable time for deeper customer engagement and innovative business development.

Boost employee productivity by 66%

Speed up onboarding time by 65%

Cut search time by 93%

Decrease employee churn

AI for operational excellence

Go further with fewer resources. Build better customer relationships with less employee time. Reduce costs without cutting corners. It’s all possible with AI built for banking.

At Posh, we've eliminated the need for third-party call centers, allowing us to effortlessly handle growing call volumes without the added expense of hiring extra staff. It’s just one way our Operational Excellence enables yours.

Decrease speed to answer by 92%

Solve up to 94% of customer requests without a live agent

Reduce the cost of overflow calls by hundreds of thousands

Handle calls after hours

All stats above have been seen by Posh clients. Please see case studies for more details.

Meet the Posh Generative and Conversational
AI Assistants

Our AI assistants are ready to have real conversations with real people. Built on industry expertise and intelligent technology, these solutions are the future of banking.

Voice Assistant

Meet our comprehensive voice AI banking concierge, available 24/7 with no wait time. Our AI can greet your customers, handle FAQs, provide seamless banking by phone, process transactions, and even verify customer identities autonomously. When live agent assistance is required, our intelligent routing technology efficiently directs calls to the appropriate destination, equipping agents with essential background information. This solution is tailored to suit your institution’s specific needs and customer preferences.

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Knowledge Assistant

Knowledge Assistant uses generative AI to significantly improve staff's ability to address any queries, provides easy review and management of gaps in knowledge, and shortens employee onboarding time. This centralized platform grants all employees access to knowledge, democratizing information and eliminating the risk of relying on key individuals. That means staff will no longer face challenging questions without immediate answers, eliminating accuracy issues, downstream impacts, and slow and potentially unsuccessful searches.

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Digital Assistant

Discover the power of our AI-driven assistant specialized in banking. Automate your frontline customer service with our chatbot, equipped to handle customer inquiries 24/7 with intelligent hand-off to live agents when necessary. Our Digital Assistant can live on your website and within online and mobile banking. Built on the ability to answer over a thousand end-user inquiries, it efficiently addresses questions without human intervention. Better yet, we work with your existing solutions and partnerships to ensure website and mobile banking integrations are seamless.

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See generative and conversational AI in action

AI management made easy through the Posh Portal

Put the right people in the driver’s seat with our all-in-one, no-code platform for managing your Voice, Digital, and Knowledge Assistant AI.

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