Client Story: Ion Bank

Ion Bank's Digital Assistant, Fiona, empowers website visitors with the ability to self-serve and reduces calls to the call center.

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Customer background:

Ion Bank ($2.1 billion AUM) has served personal and business customers since its opening in 1870. As an independent financial services company, Ion is committed to helping customers identify and achieve their financial goals. 

Improving Customer Experience 

Community banks use many methods to drive growth. Ion Bank focuses on growth through increased customer base, deposits, and loans. Ion decided to offer a way for customers and prospects to easily obtain information about its key products and services by improving the website experience. In turn, this allowed Ion to offer another way for customers to obtain answers to frequently asked questions 24/7. Ion partnered with Posh to:  

  • Empower website visitors with the ability to self-serve
  • Arm customers with product and service information 
  • Reduce calls to the call center

“We wanted to highlight some of our key products and services and arm people with the information to help them make the best decision for their current financial situation,” says Ion’s executive vice president and chief information officer, John Jahne. “As we progressed through our selection process, it was clear that Posh was the best partner for Ion Bank.”

Introducing Fiona, Ion Bank’s Digital Assistant 

Although Ion Bank’s leadership team had been using AI solutions for fraud detection and prevention, they wanted AI to add value for customers and employees. They decided to start with its public-facing website to empower visitors. Ion launched Posh’s Digital Assistant, which they named Fiona, in March 2022 to manage customer inquiries and address commonly asked questions without human intervention. 

“Fiona helps our customers without a wait and, more importantly, outside open hours,” says Jahne. “Fiona showcases our products and services and helps customers resolve routine inquiries. Not only does that make it more efficient for both the customer and Ion, but it eliminates the need to call.”  

Fiona's top interactions include:

  1. Product rates
  2. Assistance with online banking and/or login problems
  3. Zelle
  4. How to open an account or apply for a loan 
  5. Hours and locations 

Continuing to Scale

Looking to the future, Ion is considering their expansion with Posh through the use of Knowledge Assistant to help staff obtain quick, accurate answers to callers’ questions.  Additionally, Ion is looking to move Fiona to their Voice menu to provide callers the same great experience she provides those who chat on the website.  Allowing members to self-serve 24/7 will assist Ion with scalability as they continue their focus on growth.  

“The product has worked very well, and the Posh team has been extremely helpful all along the way,” says Jahne. “They are knowledgeable, responsive, and simply a great partner.”

Want to get the same results? Check out Posh's Digital Assistant → 

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Client Story: Ion Bank

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