Client Story: FirstLight Federal Credit Union

Luna, Posh's Digital and Voice Assistant, is the first line of defense for FirstLight, answering all questions on their website and calls coming into the institution. 

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FirstLight Federal Credit Union took the responsibility of solving member experience issues seriously. This year, FirstLight launched Posh’s Digital Assistant and most recently, Voice Assistant, naming her Luna. Luna is now the first line of defense for FirstLight, answering all questions on their website and calls coming into the institution. 

Prior to launching the suite of solutions, FirstLight members experienced:

  • 20% unanswered calls
  • Long caller wait times
  • An overwhelming number of calls to the call center
  • Not meeting member experience standards

The FirstLight team, wanting to provide a better experience, explored a number of avenues to solve their member service challenges. 

  • Outsource to third-party call center 
  • Ignore it
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Hire additional staff

Ultimately, FirstLight chose Posh as their trusted Conversational AI partner. 

“When the credit union was looking for an AI solution, Posh was a no-brainer,” said Andy Atkinson, Vice President, E-Services at FirstLight. “They have been an awesome partner to work with. With our implementation of Luna Voice, we wanted to make members feel comfortable speaking with her and making Luna as ‘human’ as possible.”

Learn more about Posh’s suite of Conversational AI solutions here.

Why Posh?

Posh’s approach to partnership is thorough. We establish potential, and understanding of the client’s vision, scope the partnership blueprint, establish ROI for Posh products, and ensure the feasibility of a technology fit. 

Once a partner, Posh’s Client Success team takes you from sales to project management, to go live and is a strategic partner you can count on. Posh’s Client Success team offers guidance and stability for the lifetime of the partnership. 

The Client Success team and FirstLight worked together to ensure a smooth deployment that met brand standards.

Luna Greets Everyone

Luna has assisted in changing the landscape for FirstLight. Now, when members call or visit the website they’re greeted by Luna. She provides:

  • 24/7 account access
  • Shorter wait times for call assistance
  • Banking workflows including funds transfers, account balances, and a review of recent transactions
  • Quick answers to common banking questions
  • Acts as a friendly FirstLight contact center member

Since deploying Luna, she has managed:

Luna Digital Assistant:

Total Chats: 70K

Containment Rate: 99%

Luna Voice Assistant:

Total Calls: 711K

Containment Rate: 52%

Avg Chat Duration: 54 seconds

Luna’s performance will improve over time as Posh collects data, which will help fine-tune the bot’s performance and capabilities. 

“We’ll be working with Posh to assist with call logs and have collaboration calls set up,” Atkinson said. “We know that the [containment] will rise.” 

Posh is focused on improving the bot's performance as more data is collected from Luna’s interactions. The goal is to get to a point where value is added to 100% of members' interactions. This includes intelligent routing to help agents streamline a resolution.

Luna Goes Live

In preparation for Luna to go live as a member-facing entity, the team at FirstLight dove into creating a persona, and educating everyone that would be managing or using Luna as a service.

FirstLight used these guideposts and came up with Luna. 

Community involvement:
  • It was important to fold in El Paso and Texas persona
  • Luna was created with FirsLight’s market in-mind
  • She was designed by local El Paso artist, Diego Martinez
Strategically focused: 
  • The deployment of Luna provides greater ease of use, access, and convenience for members
  • Provides a member experience that sets FirstLight above their competition
  • For FirstLight to be a trusted financial partner
  • To make it easy and convenient for members to conduct business
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Luna, created by Diego Martinez

“From the beginning, we wanted to play off the fact that she is AI. When people think of [AI] they think of robots. We wanted to play off it but she does have a personality and voice,” said Valerie Marin, FirstLight Marketing & Digital Engagement Manager. “We really integrated her, not just into our brand, but also our employees.”

Employee adoption was critical for FirstLight. They created the Luna Roadshow to ensure employees bought into it and understood what the goals were for Luna. 

“We basically had a party at all of our branches,” Marin said. They provided tee shirts, cupcakes, stickers, and educational one-sheets. The employees used Luna so they can apply what they learned to teach members. 

FirstLight’s Key to Success

  • Marketing: strong vision and execution
  • Educational: internal and external
  • Inclusivity: reminding staff this was a credit union-wide objective; everyone plays a key role. 
  • Fun: Change can be intimidating, so keep things fun and casual.

“We wanted to make it known that it was an institution-wide decision, everyone had to be involved from the leadership down. It took everybody,” Marin said. “You can meet Luna on our website, she is a true member of our team.” 

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