Posh’s Partnership for Life

Partnership for Life Promise: a commitment and collaboration that goes beyond the generic requirement of customer service.

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 As a leading AI provider within the financial industry, Posh is excited to share details on its Partnership for Life Promise, a commitment and collaboration that goes beyond the generic requirement of customer service.  

Since 2018, Posh has remained committed to being a trusted partner for financial institutions through conversational AI. Empowerment, collaboration and trust are some of the values Posh was founded on and Partnership for Life is meant to extend those values to our partners and clients. 

What is Posh’s “Partnership for Life” Promise?

The Posh “Partnership for Life” promise stems directly from one of our core values: serve the user:  With every client, we strive to deliver the best in-class customer experience that makes a lasting difference. We take a 360-degree approach to customer service, evolving our services into a partnership that lasts beyond deployment. 

Posh’s client success team is committed to a proactive consultative approach in sharing ongoing best practices and strategizing with each client addressing market impacts and organizational changes.  Clients are guaranteed personalized service for seamless integration, customizable AI solutions designed to organizational KPIs, access to strategic marketing consulting, and guaranteed dedicated time for questions that may come up along the way.  

Posh’s Partner for Life Promise is designed to -  
  • Drive Adoption 
  • Mitigate Customer Attrition
  • Accelerate ROI 
  • Create Proactive and Reactive Plans for Maximized Growth
  • Ensure a Seamless End-User Experience 

Services Included - 

  • Discovery: Align on individual needs, define KPIs, formalize project plan, conduct design reviews, etc.
  • Content Design: Customize content to tailor to your specific business needs, continuing past integration to ensure the most up-to-date content 
  • Development: Reactive marketing and business recommendations to boost conversions, exposure, or any other additional KPIs, updating system integrations, deploying in TEST environment, etc.
  • Data-Driven: Utilizing data to compare performances and create the best measurements for ROI’s
  • User Acceptance Testing: Test the AI with colleagues to ensure it achieves your goals
  • Launch Planning: Strategize how to launch, including communicating with your customers to maximize adoption & ROI
  • Go-Live: Production deployment and close monitoring to ensure success

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We chose Posh for their proven track record of streamlining the customer experience and the ability to customize our voice, so our members have seamless and consistent service no matter the channel. Not to mention, we continue to be impressed by the level of partnership we’ve received from Posh. Throughout the entire process, Posh has felt like an extension of our Citadel team,” - Pam Krupansky, VP of Member Experience and Sales of Citadel Credit Union. 

“The experience has been better than anticipated. The system is incredibly easy to use. Without having to hire additional people, we serve our members faster and at all hours,” Goodwine said. “Our self-service solutions have been more successful as our members now have a guide to take them step-by-step through what they want to do,” Steve Goodwine, Assistant Vice President of the Contact Center at Hudson Valley Credit Union.

“Posh has truly been a partner to Freedom First, well beyond the project work and implementation.  Most vendors onboard you, and once the product is in maintenance you no longer hear from them.  Posh has continued regularly scheduled meetings with us adding value every time, allowing us to continue to refine and improve our Bot,” Sarah Andrews, COO, Freedom First Credit Union.

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