Meet Tenzin Peyang Lama, Business Development Representative at Posh

Tenzin Peyang Lama was born to Tibetan hotelier parents in Nepal. Her life has led her across the globe, learning from those around her and the cultures she’s submersed herself within. 

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All in

Tenzin Peyang Lama was born to Tibetan hotelier parents in Nepal. Her life has led her across the globe, learning from those around her and the cultures she’s submersed herself within. 

"When I was born, my grandfather picked my name from a bowl of names given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama," she said.

Photo of Tenzin as a baby

She wanted to be a number of things when she grew up, her parents had one condition of the many dreams Tenzin had for herself: put your all into it. “My parents always encouraged me to try new things; they would say whatever you choose, give it your all.”

They provided support and encouragement, even at 8, when Tenzin decided she wanted to attend an international boarding school in India. Since she had cousins attending the boarding school, Tenzin came home from school one day and resolutely declared that she wanted to go too. 

The boarding school in India was a long journey from home, her parents would have to fly to Delhi and then take a train and then a bus on winding roads, at which point her dad would always get carsick.

When she arrived at boarding school at the foothills of the Himalayas, it wasn’t immediately clear how she would feel– with homesickness at the top of her mind just weeks upon arrival. 

“I was homesick my first few months there. Looking back at the letters I sent at the time, I circled the teardrops I cried on the letter,” Tenzin said. 

She braved her big feelings as a young child, eventually making her closest friends at school, and also participating in various sports. Tenzin learned to swim from her grandfather and one of her many dreams was to pursue swimming. She also enjoyed basketball and soccer and began playing at five years old.  

Push the limits

As her freshman year of high school progressed, Tenzin felt like she could be doing and seeing more, leading her to Lima, Peru. 

Tenzin in Peru

“After growing up in a boarding school in India I felt like I got really comfortable. I saw a study abroad program in Peru and applied,” Tenzin said. “That was one of the hardest experiences I faced.” 

Tenzin’s culture shock was swift, feeling alone for the first time in a long time. Luckily for Tenzin, her international experience and tenacity pushed her through. She made friends, learned (some) of the language, and felt the trip really primed her for further international study. 

When the initial culture shock wore off, she learned to love and appreciate the Peruvian culture. 

“I loved how close and open people were,” she said.

The Hub

Tenzin is a true blue international student, having lived a magnificent, well-traveled life at a young age. Which made the next steps of her international education all the more interesting: Northeastern University in Boston. The university was her top choice, and having a family member in the city made the choice that much easier. She worked hard, got in, and didn’t have any hesitations. Like most decisions in her life, Tenzin was all-in.

During freshman year, Tenzin pushed herself out of her comfort zone to meet new people, which was challenging. 

Luckily for Tenzin, America offered some interesting and new experiences, like how holidays are celebrated. 

“I really like the spirit of holidays and how inclusive it is. Everyone comes together despite how busy their lives are,” she said.

Tenzin in San Fransisco

As college progressed, Tenzin sought true-to-life work experiences in pursuit of life after college. Her degree offered the chance to intern for six months in the industry of her major in lieu of classes. 

“It gives real-life experience to your major,” Tenzin said of her internships. She went on to intern at three companies, including a start-up in San Francisco, a SaaS company in Santa Clara, and most recently another start-up in Boston. “All three co-ops showed me what I wanted to pursue, or not.” These experiences would influence Tenzin’s proclivity for start-ups, particularly her appreciation for seeing the impact of her work. 

Though Tenzin only recently graduated from Northeastern, she’s been thoughtful about her future, feeling strongly about joining an organization that aligned with her values and what inspired her. 

“I love the inclusivity of the culture of startups, you just don’t get the same level in a larger organization,” Tenzin said. 

When Tenzin arrived at Posh, she was mainly interested in the growth aspect of the business. She always believed that each person has something new to offer, especially in sales and marketing.

“My role in business development marries the two and I really like that,” she said. 

She’s been enjoying her time at Posh on the Growth Team. Tenzin believes each person has something new to offer, so she especially enjoys meeting new people in her business development role. 

Tenzin's recent graduation from Northeastern University

“I’m always so inspired by the people I’m working with, I’m always impressed with what they do,” Tenzin said. “I love the culture and the fact that you can see the impact you make.” 


Posh isn’t quite the end of the line for Tenzin. Though her roadmap has led her all over, during the pandemic she felt it was important to bring a bit of home to everyone else. She has opened the door for Nepali artwork to be shared by the international community she has grown with over the years. 

Tenzin and her mom/business partner saw the potential of sharing the artwork of Kathmandu with the world. Mom helps by communicating with the artists and shipping the hand-crafted items to Tenzin who ships all over. They currently support 15 artisans, mostly coming together via word of mouth. 

“The [artists] didn’t have an online platform, so we saw the potential for how we could showcase their work to the rest of the world,” she said. You can find these one-of-a-kind handcrafted items online at TheLamasHandicrafts

A handcrafted item from TheLamaHandicrafts

Onward and upward

Though her undergrad journey recently concluded, there is no stopping Tenzin from her next adventure.

In the next year or two, Tenzin is aiming for a data analytical-focused master's program. She isn’t grounded in the United States either, she dreams of more travel and eventually [possibly] putting roots down in Nepal, where she admittedly hasn’t spent much time there due to her international lifestyle. 

If you’re ever in Boston craving some Nepali food, Tenzin recommends Tasty Momo in Somerville and Chulo in Watertown for the most authentic plate. 

Want to join Posh? We’d love to have you! Check out our open positions here.

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