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Why work at Posh? Why work anywhere? The answer(s) is usually: it’s interesting, it’s fulfilling, it’s fun, and you genuinely like the team you work with. 

While it’s no easy task to hit those marks, we think we do a pretty good job here at Posh. Don’t take the [blog author’s] word for it, our employees have a lot to say.

Kathy Sianis, VP, Client Experience and Strategy

“I feel like I’m part of something being built. We’re developing something together. I love the pace, the mindset, the people and I love the industry we’re helping. We are focused on an experience that makes a difference. We’re a partner, not a vendor.”

Derek Caneja, SVP, Engineering 

“Posh is where I fit in. I can work through whatever problem there is, and I want to do it in a place where I can see other people doing that.”

Matt Augustine, Principal Telephony Engineer

"Agency. More than anywhere else I've worked, Posh gives me the opportunity to shape its products and processes, and to make the company my own."

Darshan Amin, Operations Associate

“I love that we’re all one big collaborative team working towards a common goal. Everyone is always willing to sit down and take the time to explain what they’re doing/how it might be benefiting other teams or clients. Especially as a non-technical member, I never feel like any question I ask is dumb or intruding on someone’s time by asking them for help or explaining what they’re doing." 

Matt Miller, Senior Software Engineering Manager

“The only way to feel professionally satisfied is when you believe that the hard work you do betters the world, that your inspiring teammates are trustworthy and driven, and that you feel that genuine raw face-hurting happiness. And maybe a few slices of pizza. I’m counting my lucky stars that I get it all at Posh.”

Yuyu Li, Software Engineer II

“There are so many opportunities to give ideas and feedback. It feels super empowering to be vocal in a smaller environment, and to know that people will actually listen.”

Chelsea Albers, Regional Sales Manager

“I’m working with some of the most elite people in the freaking country, but no one is too good to answer a question. No one is thinking that they’re better than everyone else. Everyone just wants Posh to be successful and be great. And that’s just how I like to surround myself.”

Shannon Gausepohl, Marketing Manager

“Working with a group of people who trust you, and are interested in your input are the true difference-makers professionally. It’s a genuinely rewarding experience to be surrounded by people who are equally passionate and driven. The kindness and generosity are just added bonuses.” 

Abhi Joginpally, Senior Client Engineer 

“Over the past year, I've come to love the bustling energy that fuels the Client Success team and Posh as a whole. Alongside that energy, I can't help but appreciate the collaborative and earnest culture we have thanks to the fantastic people working here! I'm excited to be part of what lies ahead and hope I can continue to provide our clients with great solutions.”

Andrew Leaf, Senior Software Engineer

“I have a lot of autonomy and Posh is a company that I can trust. Before I was fully employed with Posh, I was an intern. During my internship, I was working on projects that actually went live and were important parts of the product. Compared to another internship where my projects were in a sandbox, this felt really significant. There’s a lot of trust in the engineers here and no one is breathing down my neck. They trust me to get the job done!”

Jessica Smith, Client Success Manager

"Right away, coming onboard at Posh, I knew it was a place I could be myself and do good things with great people! My team members and our FI partners make everyday worth it. On the Client Success Team, I'm challenged and I get to be creative and have fun. I couldn't ask for more!"

Jack McGrath, Client Engineer II

“I’ve never been made to feel like I’ve asked a dumb question, or never been made to feel like I was imposing on someone by asking to collaborate. It’s a very collaborative environment.”

Michelle Fullwood, Principal Research Scientist

“The team is so smart, and people are very thoughtful. We aren’t just going after ‘cool’ things for the sake of cool.”

Ryan Hibbard, Client Success Team Lead

“My first year at Posh has been an incredible journey! I’ve learned new skills, developed relationships and new perspectives in an exciting industry, all while helping build out the Client Success team. Each day is different and I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with teams across the company. The partnerships that we’ve formed with our clients to solve every day problems has been extremely rewarding. I’m looking forward to continued success, both for Posh and our clients.”

Audrey Moore, People Ops Lead

“People are so kind and generous with their time, no question is too small or insignificant. It’s rare to find a company with world-class talent and zero ego.”

Rohan Shirali, Director, Data Analytics

“The team at Posh is warm, talented, and collaborative. We're building a culture in which people can tackle the kinds of problems they find most interesting, and really see their impact on the business. I enjoy working at Posh for nailing that sweet spot: spirited teamwork & creative problem-solving.”

Katie Krajovic, Research Scientist II

“I love working with the amazing team of engineers and scientists on the NLP team. They are brilliant and passionate and incredibly committed to improving the experiences of our users. I feel very lucky to get to work with and learn from them every day!”

Cheyanne Baird, Research Scientist II

“I really like that we’re creating something that makes people’s lives easier. I love how Posh lets us experiment and do research. You have the room to do experiments and follow the thread of any ideas you may have. Everyone here is open to new ideas and reinventing things and not set in our ways. We’re always thinking about how to make something better–experimenting with that goal in mind."

Ryan Warfield, Principal Sales Engineer

"Posh is a company where you can feel free to express your ideas and everyone is heard. This not only makes me feel like an individual contributor to the success of Posh, but also a valued team member. I truly believe that everyone is focused on the bigger picture of Posh’s success, and I am happy to be a part of it."

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