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Ditch the menus with a Voice Concierge

Touch-tone IVR systems aren’t great customer service. Menus get confusing. Agents get overstretched. The Posh Voice Concierge gets rid of these challenges, automating frontline customer service with real banking knowledge. The Voice Concierge is a talking AI assistant who’s always there to greet a caller.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

The Voice Concierge is a speaking AI assistant that provides skillful first-contact service with every call

Attain 24/7 availability, eliminate wait times and abandonment, and meet rising call volumes without adding new staff. Your Voice Concierge handles routine questions so agents can focus on outstanding service—and it replaces clunky IVR menus with a simple conversation.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability

This intelligent assistant gets banking customers

Most voicebots struggle to grasp the context of banking conversations. Not the Voice Concierge. We train our AI models on real banking conversations, so they understand the needs of banks and credit unions. That leads to zero wait times, higher containment rates, and a better contact-center experience for both customers and agents.

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Phone-based Customer Service

Intelligent Voice Concierges are always available, so callers can get the information they need when they need it—even after hours.


Conversation Topics

Voice Concierges respond meaningfully to more than 140 common topics out of the box—and you can add new topics to meet the unique needs of your financial community.


Wait Times

We optimize Voice Concierge technology for quick response, so callers get answers without delay; they also pick up every time. Say goodbye to those pesky contact-center delays and make wait times a thing of the past.

Cut the confusion

It’s no secret that touch-tone menus are unpopular. Callers resent having to wait through irrelevant options, particularly when they need a quick answer to a simple question. The Voice Concierge replaces legacy IVR menus with natural conversation, inviting callers to simply talk. It’s a far better experience that leads to happier outcomes (and less frustration) on both sides of the call.

Support your team

Your Voice Concierge works closely with live agents. The AI handles routine questions, sending fewer calls to your team. It identifies the right department for every call, reducing redirects. Before routing a call, your Voice Concierge provides the information agents need, including discussion transcripts. Save staff time, create a more efficient contact center, and build a markedly better experience for agents and customers at once.

Scale capacity as needed

Stop struggling to match your staffing levels to demand. The Voice Concierge handles fluctuating call volumes with the same excellent service. Answer more calls, regardless of team size. Transfer only calls that need human intervention to scale more effectively. With support from voice AI, your contact center remains prepared for the unexpected.

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