My *Posh* Internship Experience

As I am wrapping up my 14-week internship with Posh Technologies, I have been able to reflect on my experiences and takeaways from this incredible opportunity.

Anna Rychlik
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My *Posh* Internship Experience

As I am wrapping up my 14-week internship with Posh Technologies, I have been able to reflect on my experiences and takeaways from this incredible opportunity. I can’t thank the Posh team enough for all of their transformative guidance and support!

Here are my 5 key takeaways:

  1. Be Flexible!

When I applied to Posh, I originally applied to a Business Development Internship role. However, because of my background in design, I was able to quickly pivot into lots of design projects for the company. I was able to work on everything from sales and marketing one pagers, to a pitch deck and some website work. Working on so many simultaneous projects forced me to hyper prioritize and build design assets from the ground up. Additionally, I had to learn to work with different stakeholders for each project which required me to manage my time and communication effectively.

2. Learn as Much as You (Possibly) Can

At Posh, everyone is encouraged to grow inside and outside of work, the interns included. A highlight of my weeks was our Weekly Intern Book Club — where we read To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink and The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. These two books touched on a variety of topics that lead us to deeper discussions about authenticity, entrepreneurship, social impact, and team formation.

Another way I learned from the team at Posh was getting virtual coffees with each employee and listening to various “Poshies” present career advice at our daily morning intern syncs. I have learned an incredible amount of valuable career, education, and life advice from every single member of the team at Posh. One of the most influential aspects of these chats was how vulnerable and honest everyone was, generously giving bits of advice that I will carry with me far beyond this internship.

Another highlight of my time at Posh were Team-wide events such as our Wellness Week and the Intern Olympics. These events were great and refreshing ways to meet people (virtually) and further connect with the team outside of our work mandates. Culture is everything!

3. Collaborate with your Fellow Interns

During my time at Posh, I was so lucky to get to work with a team of three other interns from Harvard, Emory, and Boston University. One of my favorite parts about working with this team was that we all came from such different academic backgrounds. Together, we were able to share knowledge from Business, Economics, Computer Science, Math and Design, which allowed us to all learn from each other. Every afternoon, we synced up and were able to share best practices and things that we learned about throughout the day. It was an amazing way to continue experiencing new things every day, and an opportunity to teach my peers about basic design principles!

4. Build Team and Processes

Because I was the first Posh employee to work on Design, I was able to experience some really cool moments in Posh’s design growth. Some highlights from this include:

  1. Helping to interview and onboard Posh’s first full-time design hire.
  2. Collaborating with the team to create a design process and system for Posh.
  3. Creating user personas and further developing the Posh brand to create a cohesive experience.

Without the support from the team, I would not have felt empowered to work on these incredible projects, and I am so excited to see where the design team runs with these initial frameworks.

5. Take Advantage of Mentorship

Last, but certainly not least is the power of mentorship at Posh. From my first day as an intern, I was surrounded by a team who was so willing to offer any advice or support I would need throughout my internship. While mentorship can take on many forms, here are three ways that I experienced mentorship at Posh.

Formal Mentorship

As interns at Posh, we were each given a formal mentor to guide us through the 14 weeks. My mentor was a UI/UX Engineer, which gave me a really unique opportunity to learn about the design process as a whole. Beyond this, we were able to share design articles, life advice, and day to day check-ins and fun Slack emojis that I always looked forward to!

Life Mentorship

Everyone on the team at Posh has had such unique life experiences prior to ending up here, and it has been so incredible to hear and learn from everyone. I have learned about invaluable early career advice, the Boston startup world, the power of networking, and finding your professional niche. These words of wisdom have changed the way I will approach career decisions and shape the final few years of my college experience.

Design Mentorship

As a young designer, approaching a career in design can at times be intimidating. Through the design mentorship I have received from my time at Posh, I have learned a lot about the different paths I can take within design. Additionally, having the opportunity to have someone to bounce ideas off of, develop a style guide with, and collaborate on projects with has been very rewarding.

I am extremely grateful for my time at Posh. Between all of the amazing opportunities I have had and people I’ve met, it was truly an impactful experience for me as a designer, student, and person.

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