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Matt McEachern

Co-Founder and CTO

Coding since high school, Posh’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt McEachern attended MIT, meeting co-founder and CEO Karan Kashyap freshman year by rushing the same fraternity. Matt, who is also a lifelong athlete, applied his competitive spirit at MIT, winning multiple competitions, including the 2015 MIT Hackathon, winning first place. 

Matt pursued a Masters in the Spoken Language Systems lab while conducting research along side the reputed Jim Glass. Concurrent to earning his master’s degree, Matt and Karan began consulting, building a business foundation, and establishing a pathway to the beginning of Posh. 

A true full-stack engineer, there is no part of the development stack he doesn’t enjoy, fostering a hard-working engineering team, and developing the latest for Posh’s future. Additionally, he is passionate about making Posh a great place to work, especially for self-starters. Matt’s hobbies and interests include pickup sports, theoretical physics, guitar, and investing.

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