Driving Success Together: Posh's Consultative Approach to AI Adoption

Adopting AI fosters value-driven experiences for customers and employees. Partners should be innovative, reputable, and provide ongoing guidance.

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A healthy adoption of generative AI in the financial industry creates more purposeful, value-driven experiences for both customers and employees. But AI is constantly changing, and unknown regulations and guidelines are on the horizon. That means your AI strategy has to be multifaceted:

  • Partners need to be innovative, forward-facing and continue to provide ongoing recommendations and guidance in the coming months and years.
  • Partners need to have an exceptional reputation for not only providing a valuable solution, but also valuable insights and recommendations as the landscape changes.

Posh values partnerships as collaborative, long-term relationships based on mutual growth and shared success rather than transactional, vendor-based interactions focused on short-term gains. That's why Posh commits to collaborating with clients every step of the way, from project design and kick-off to implementation and testing, with a consultative mindset that knows success is a journey, not a destination.

Project Design & Kickoff

Posh’s Client Success Managers (CSMs) play a crucial role in building and maintaining strong partnerships with our clients. The team takes a strategic and collaborative approach to ensure that clients get maximum value from our products, starting at project kick-off and design. Before every project, CSMs along with key members from the implementation team work closely with clients to understand their goals and objectives. Through this alignment, the Posh team ensures the product design fits the client’s unique needs while also providing consultation on adoption throughout the organization. 

Implementation & Testing

CSMs facilitate a smooth onboarding process for every client, ensuring that the clients are familiar with the products and platform. Early on in pilot testing and implementation, CSMs closely monitor ROI and analyze KPIs to measure early success, ensure ongoing optimization, and make suggestions for continued strategy alignment and growth. In the first 60 days of implementation, Posh creates an implementation team consisting of an implementation manager, AI designer, CSM, telephony expert, and core banking expert based on their project. This team meets with clients on a weekly basis to set-up, test, and roll out the product. 

Ongoing Partnership

Initial training sessions are expected from every software vendor, but Posh goes beyond the standard to include additional support and training throughout the lifetime of our partnership. At any time, clients can reach their CSM to get answers to their questions or concerns. Beyond 60 days, Posh schedules a regular meeting cadence to ensure that we are providing support and ensuring clients are seeing true value. In these meetings, CSMs and the clients:

  • Evaluate performance
  • Make ongoing improvements
  • Update the product and train users
  • Bring industry insights and best practices on how to optimize their use of the product
  • Address strategic priorities

Furthermore, the CSM sets business reviews & strategy meetings to share project milestones, discuss strategic priorities, and review benchmarks and ROI. During these meetings, clients can collaborate with industry experts, including the head of FI strategy and advisory. Any feedback or ideas from the clients are easily relayed to the product team to improve the solutions. 

When client feedback drives solution improvements, new functionalities are consistently introduced to address this input and emerging use cases. Given the rapid evolution of AI, Posh remains at the forefront by ensuring that cutting-edge solutions and top-notch security are implemented for each client.

Posh’s customer support

Posh’s method of customer support and partnership clearly sets it apart from other vendors. Instead of simply focusing on how to utilize our products, Posh’s approach to partnership guides clients through their overall AI transformation from start to finish. From our first interactions in which we learn how you currently leverage AI and understand your future vision, Posh helps you build an AI roadmap to achieve your goals. We provide consistent coaching and roadmapping over the course of our lifetime partnership to ensure you’re getting the most from your AI implementations. And—as the only purpose-built conversational AI platform created for financial institutions, we keep up with the regulatory environment and navigate the future with you. 

Hear it directly from our clients

“Our partnership with Posh has been a crucial part of our digital strategy. The strategic sessions have given our executive team a perspective that otherwise we may not have uncovered on our own. Posh has exceeded our expectations in support and the strategic sessions set us on the right path for our AI strategy.”

Red River Credit Union, Kevin Starkey, Chief Technology Officer

“Posh has been a great partner through our entire IVR implementation. They’ve been very responsive to our questions and have helped us understand existing functionality and features that are prioritized on their roadmap. They’ve also been flexible, accommodating a number of our customization requests. We’re very happy with what we’ve experienced with Posh so far and are looking forward to continuing our partnership with them.”

Members CU, Spencer Bauer, Member Solutions Center Manager

“Posh has truly been a partner to Freedom First, well beyond the project work and implementation. Most vendors onboard you, and once the product is in maintenance, you no longer hear from them. Posh has continued regularly scheduled meetings with us adding value every time, allowing us to continue to refine and improve our AI Assistant.”

“Our success really comes down to two things. Our call center leadership and our partnership with Posh. That partnership is head and shoulders above our other vendors.”

Freedom First, Sarah Andrews, COO

“Posh understood not all credit unions are the same and worked with FCU to match our needs with their products and services. Together we have built out a roadmap for conversational AI that aligns with our members' needs and business goals.”

Florida CU, Matthew Teoli, VP Delivery Channels

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