Meet Chelsea Albers

How Posh’s first sales hire went from playing over the net to selling software on the cloud.

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Meet Chelsea Albers

How Posh’s first sales hire went from playing over the net to selling software on the cloud.

The term “team-player” may be a bit played out, but there’s no better way to describe Posh’s newest Sales Executive, Chelsea Albers. From spiking on opponents on the volleyball court to closing million-dollar deals within her first two months, Chelsea is all about the win. But does she do it for herself? Whether in her sports or sales careers, Chelsea’s wins are all for the team.

According to Chelsea, she feels most comfortable when surrounded by intelligent, driven people who combine goal-orientation with a lack of ego about their accomplishments. People whose main motivation is to contribute all their efforts to the betterment of the team without needing to bask in accolades. People like her! “No-one needs to have an ego and that’s the biggest part about Posh that I’ve loved.”

No ego, no excuses.

From the early age of seven Chelsea was already displaying her competitive drive. Already showing herself too intense for community sports, Chelsea’s mother helped her enter competitive volleyball leagues early on to play against children several years older than herself. But this simply made sense to Chelsea. She wanted to win, and the competitive leagues were where the big kids went to win.

Young Chelsea cheesin’ for the camera.

Aside from her innate competitive drive, Chelsea was shown humility and hard work by her family. Growing up with two older brothers meant she was always in the middle of a rough and tumble competition where winning wasn’t a given. While Chelsea may have been a budding star in her own leagues, it was difficult to develop an ego about it around her siblings. “They were always blocking my shots, so I always knew I could be better.” After sadly losing her father at just ten years old, she watched her mother rally; working multiple jobs to support Chelsea and her brothers financially while also being an active cheerleader for them on game days. It was an immense effort, but Chelsea never once heard her mom make an excuse or lose confidence in her kids’ success.

Seeing someone work that hard but still be at every one of your games. It’s absolutely incredible…We never saw it hard for her and you know it is. Even the people she built, me and my brothers, we’re functional on our own!

Putting in the work.

Chelsea’s mother knew how important those game days were for her future. In just the seventh grade, colleges were already beginning to reach out to young Chelsea for athletic scholarship opportunities based on her performance in both volleyball and basketball. Knowing how hard her mother worked just to support her and her two brothers, the advantage of that scholarship money wasn’t lost on Chelsea either. She committed all her time outside of school toward becoming a collegiate athlete. “It was just a matter of putting in the work. I played sports seven days a week. I loved it, but I didn’t go to parties or hang out with people. My Sundays were practice or Club Volleyball from 8am to 10pm.”

By her Freshman year of high school, Chelsea’s commitment to team sports had already earned her invitations to top universities across the US. By Junior year, Chelsea committed to a full-ride volleyball scholarship to play for the Kansas Jayhawks at The University of Kansas (KU) where she racked up an impressive catalogue of awards during her volleyball career while getting a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk…KU!

But were the awards what Chelsea focused on the most? When asked to highlight some of her biggest volleyball accolades, Chelsea begins to shrink, grimacing through a list of her multiple regional, state and All-American titles. “Going back home I’m just known for being this freak athlete. At Posh, yeah people know I play volleyball, but there’s no relevance to me having awards, so it’s kind of nice to not be known for having all these awards. I want to also have an identity where I’m successful in something else.”

From V’Ball kills to sales deals.

Chelsea may enjoy being less recognized as an athlete by her coworkers at Posh, but she’s already well on her way to building a reputation as a sales powerhouse there. Within her first two months at Posh, Chelsea closed a deal worth more than a million dollars, which is a huge deal! Chelsea cringes once more as she recounts the all-company announcement about her big sales win. Chelsea remains an all-star wherever she goes, but she’s still squarely focused on her guiding principles: be a team player, be competitive, and always be passionate about what you do.

I love being part of a team. I love being competitive…I love sales. I think this vertical of fintech and AI is so interesting because it’s so relevant. I constantly was using fintech and AI, so now selling it and being able to learn about it is such a huge factor in why I like my job.

If you’re taking notes, write that down! Chelsea’s career combines her natural talents, utilizes her early life lessons and expands her in new directions where opportunities for growth abound. She’s walking a path we all want to be on and she didn’t get there by mistake. After college, Chelsea selected a career in sales because she knew her competitive spirit would do her well there. And when it came time to refine her career Chelsea felt guided by the idea that if she were surrounded by the right people, the right team, she could be fulfilled at work.

The ultimate team player, and auntie!

I’m working with some of the most elite people in the freaking country, but no-one is too good to answer a question. No-one is thinking that they’re better than everyone else. Everyone just wants Posh to be successful and be great. And that’s just how I like to surround myself.

The Chelsea Mentality

At Posh, Chelsea has already displayed her talent for winning, but there are always new goals to set and future successes to look forward to. When asked where she sees herself in the future, Chelsea of course wants to chart a path toward leading motivated and hard-working individuals in her field to be as successful as she has been. Chelsea loves to win, but the opportunity to inspire others to win is what drives her forward and is what makes her such a crucial member of the Posh team.

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