Web & Online Banking Concierge

24/7 knowledge
assistants at your

How long does it take to find information on your digital channels? Our AI gives quick replies through any digital channel—day or night. Posh is your partner for better digital experiences.

Robust, resilient, and proactive security

Customers simply type a question to get the answer they need

Unlike shallow, horizontal chatbots, our AI is trained to understand banking. Intelligently handoff to your agents when needed. This is intelligent AI for better banking experiences.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability

Deliver 24/7 customer service with AI powered chat

Your customer care team works hard enough—let your Web & Online Banking Concierge handle the routine stuff. Our responsive AI relieves the pressure on customer service staff while eliminating wait times. That helps you retain talent and provide a better experience for everyone.

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Customer Service

Answer your customers when they have questions—even during off-hours and holidays (and yes, even on state holidays). Digital Concierges are available when your doors are closed at a fraction of the cost of outsourced customer service.


Conversation Topics

Behind human language, there’s intent. Typically, customers request human agents when AI tools fail to consider context. Web & Online Banking Concierges understand more than 140 banking-related intents, regardless of how they’re phrased—and you can customize intents to extend the Concierge’s potential.



Access key analytics through the Posh Platform. Review every chat transcript, track usage, auto-organize intents, and more, then leverage the data to improve performance.

Meet customers where they live with a text-based virtual assistant

Today’s customers are chat-savvy. A Web & Online Banking Concierge gives them the convenience they expect in an experience built for banking.

Posh’s AI solutions answer frequently asked questions, route discussion to live agents, and collect powerful voice-of-customer data. Ready to automate frontline customer service? Start with a Web & Online Banking Concierge.

Spice up your chat flows with the power of rich content

The Posh Platform lets you add rich content like images, videos, GIFs, links, and more to a chat conversation, changing that simple information request into learning and marketing opportunities. Showcase your beautiful card designs or share a tutorial on how to access last year's tax forms.

Digital concierges work hand-in-hand with live agents

Your Web & Online Banking Concierge handles common questions so live chat agents can focus on better, more in-depth service. As the first point of contact, the Concierge knows what each chat user is trying to find. By passing that information to the agent, it speeds up the conversation. That way your staff gets the space they need to spend more time with every customer.

See how a Digital Concierge creates
better banking conversations.

Digital Concierge chat answering common question

Digital Concierge chat transfer to live agent

Digital Concierge chat answering another common question

Digital Concierge chat answering another common question

Interactive Demo

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