Conversational AI IVR

The addition of conversational AI IVR helps to reduce call center volume and increases customer satisfaction, saving your organization time and money. 

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According to Forbes, a recent report from Vonage indicates that customers prefer a phone call above all other engagement channels. The survey revealed that 61% of respondents felt frustrated by the phone tag resulting from having to hop between multiple agents via multiple transfers. This creates an opportunity for credit unions to create a competitive advantage through voice channels. However, there has been a lack of solutions designed specifically for credit unions to maintain the high level of personalization that is important to both the credit union and their members.  

Posh is committed to democratizing banking access by equipping credit unions with the benefits of conversational AI. Posh has a demonstrated history of providing immediate time-to-value by enhancing customer support and enabling more engaging member interactions through the implementation of Conversational AI with IVR.  

Conversational AI IVR makes the lives of your customers easier and provides business growth opportunities not currently available through legacy systems. By simplifying the IVR experience with conversational AI, members can quickly resolve common support inquiries or be directed to the appropriate team member for further assistance, leading to a more satisfying experience for your members. This allows your agents to dedicate more time to helping members attain their financial objectives. 

Planning for Change

By incorporating Conversational IVR into their current or recently updated telephony systems, financial institutions are phasing out outdated and cumbersome phone trees.

The addition of conversational AI IVR helps to reduce call center volume and increases customer satisfaction, saving your organization time and money. 

Benefits of conversational AI IVR:

  • 24/7 account access and support
  • Instant connection to the right department for assistance
  • Quick answers to common banking questions
  • Straightforward answers to FAQs
  • Conversational self-service for banking transactions, including funds transfers, account balances, and a review of recent transactions

What Posh Clients are Saying

Citadel Credit Union set out to solve for friction-free service making it easier to get to the right agent without a lot of hassle, “We needed to find a solution that would allow us to decrease call volumes, improve member experience, and reduce costs,” says Pam Krupansky, VP of Member Experience and Sales at Citadel. 

Posh’s no-code approach has enabled and contributed to the team’s success. The staff has been trained to manage Adel behind the scenes, supporting immediate communication needs without requiring an IT ticket or a program manager. This means members are up-to-date on current information at a moment's notice and can provide answers to questions on the fly. 

Furthermore, the implementation of conversational AI IVR has solidified savings, ultimately saving the credit union $663,267 in third-party costs. Citadel achieved an increase in a higher NPS score a year after implementing Adel. 

Read more about how Citadel lowered costs and raised its NPS score.

Conversational AI IVR + Telephony Cloud Upgrade

As legacy telephony solutions transition to the cloud,  decision-makers have often relayed that both projects could be more manageable for their internal teams and worry about customer response. 

While these are worthwhile considerations, it's best practice to incorporate the launch of conversational AI at the same time as your telephony upgrade to provide a seamless transition for your members and customers, lower the total cost of implementation, and realize a faster time to value for both investments.   

Read more on Maximizing Your Financial Institution's Telephony Move to the Cloud

The evolution of your customer experience doesn’t have to be at the expense of other projects. By delivering the best-in-class tools, your customers will leave feeling satisfied with their experience. 

Are you exploring Conversational AI for your institution? Get in touch:; we’re here to help! 

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