Happy 5th Birthday, Posh!

Celebrating Posh and all of our accomplishments as we hit 5 years!

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Happy Birthday Posh! 

It’s our fifth birthday and what a year it’s been! 

Posh has grown exponentially, in employees and clients, since the inception of the company. We celebrate the brilliance of those dedicated employees who are faithfully serving our clients and their exemplary customers. 

“It’s been amazing to see Posh grow these past five years. What started as a passion for Matt and me has turned into something larger than what we expected, and we’re thrilled to see the difference we’re making for financial institutions. Our mission remains the same and we are committed, now more than ever, to empower financial institutions with the power of conversational AI. Here’s to the next five!” - Karan Kashyap, Co-founder and CEO. 
"The organic evolution of Posh's culture, and collective personality has been so amazing to watch. Posh's culture was never dictated; it's been built day-by-day by each and every Poshie on the team. It's pretty special,” - Matt McEarchern, Co-founder and CTO. 

Our guidepost for the culture and all we’ve accomplished can be attributed to the foundation of Core Values on which Posh was built by our co-founders, Matt and Karan. 

See something, do something. Our bias is for action. If something isn’t working, we don’t let it slide; we fix it.

Trust by default. We trust our clients. We trust our partners. We trust each other.

Follow the data. Data-driven decision-making helps us sidestep biases and flawed assumptions.

Serve the user. If it doesn’t contribute to a better banking experience, we don’t do it. Extraordinary customer experience is our first priority.

Ensure a quality foundation. Quality builds on quality. We lead with excellence from the ground up.

Tolerate ambiguity. Progress isn’t always clear. It isn’t always comfortable. We embrace the discomfort that sometimes accompanies innovation.

Invest in each other. We choose Posh because we’re passionate about the work. We empower one another to keep pushing.

Thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time to making Posh a success, including our investor class, CUSO members, board of directors and supporters. 

Here are some highlights from the past year: 

In the Press: 

Client Stories: 

Before you go–how many of these fun facts do you know?

  • Posh originally started as a software development & consulting shop while Matt and Karan were still in school at MIT. When they pivoted to Posh’s current mission of democratizing conversational AI for financial institutions, they decided to keep the name because it was catchy, memorable, and (maybe most importantly) they had the web domain already!
  • Posh is a term developed by English seafarers traveling to India. The side of the ship that would get more sunlight and was more desirable was the port side on the way out and the starboard side on the way home. Port out, starboard home became the acronym P.O.S.H. Over time, it became a standard word signifying high class.
  • The early “founding team” was comprised of Matt, Karan, and MIT classmates Aaron and Mike

Important Posh traditions:

  • Posh’s birthday is June 11th
  • Chartway Day, the day we launched our first bot is October 22
  • Every summer, we hold the Posh Summer Olympics, where teams of Poshies compete in light-hearted games and activities.

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